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Stolen Kisses Snippet 1

Hello, everyone! So as promised, here is the first snippet from Stolen Kisses as we count down to Monday, May 1st, the release date for both Stolen Kisses and Dear Diary. "Please ma, y-you can't go inside." The young woman with leopard print glass frames and fitted gown approached Imade immediately she charged for her husband's door. She wondered if Bode was sleeping with this one too. She knew her home hadn't been rosy in recent months but bringing a woman into it and not hiding it from other people was something she wasn't going to tolerate.
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Stay connected

I wrote this about two years ago. I went through it recently and realised it's still valid till date. Enjoy and be edified. Part of the reasons why I wasn't myself last week was because I chose feelings over faith. I really don't know what happened. I mean the week I wrote this post, I felt like I could do it. I mean I was actually living like a faith-filled person that I wrote about. Several things happened but I was Team #faithoverfeelings
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Forgiven 18

Sophia stared at Caleb expecting him to laugh or say something contrary to what he’d just expressed towards her. When she saw he wasn’t laughing or saying something different, her heart raced. Was this another joke God was trying to pull on her? This wasn’t the plan. He was going to ruin everything. She was still trying to curb her feelings for him and now he was sharing something that would only make her too hopeful. She’d been hopeful in the past and look at where it got her. You were hopeful for the wrong reasons.
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You make me brave-Amanda Cook (Bethel Music)

God has indeed made us brave by bringing us into His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. I don't know if we can fully comprehend what Salvation has done for us. We were dead now we live. We were all like lost sheep gone astray. No one was even looking for God anymore, yet He came and showed us the way. Not only did He breathe back life into us but showed us how we can spend eternity with him
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Who do you look like?

If there’s something the enemy of our soul is totally against, it’s looking like Jesus. Because when we begin to look like him or work towards looking like him, we begin to overcome the power of sin over our lives. Jesus said, “the prince of this world came and found nothing in me.”
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Forgiven 17

You can read other episodes of FORGIVEN HERE Sophia hated the way she felt right now and silently wondered why she was missing Caleb when he’d only been gone for a week for a conference in Milan. She thought of resigning but shook her head at the thought. There was really no other good job out there that would give her audience the way this did.
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Does God have to choose for me in everything?

I believe this solely depends on us whenever we wonder if God wants to be involved in our everything. God doesn’t push people, neither will he force you to do his will. The only thing you just need to realise is that there is no sitting on the fence with Him. You’re either with Him or against Him. There really isn’t any neutral ground in places where God is concerned.

10 things every woman should have in her bag

I learned how to be a ‘lady’ towards my 20s and realised it came with lots of handy stuff and it had to do with a bag. I envy and don't envy guys. All they just carry about is their phone and wallet and they're good to go. Fun fact: My mum told me I used to carry a lot of load in my bag as a child and sit in a corner talking to some invisible people. I was probably talking to my
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